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In 1993, a group of passionate motorcyclists, led by Barry Rivellini and Piero Pelù, the legendary Italian rockstar, founded "Blu By U Rock Racing" and since its inception it has been defined as the most copied team of the future! In fact, this unusual combination of Motori & Rock immediately met with immediate success, so much so that leading figures such as Vasco Rossi and Eros Ramazzotti entered the world scene by force.  Our team, by organizing presentations in the best clubs in Italy, has brought their bikes to become the queens of the stage, capturing considerable interest even outside the fans! Our competitive commitments in the Supermono (coincidentally called Sound of Singles ...) are crowned by results above expectations: in '94 we fight for the victory in the Italian championship with both drivers and Barry gets a great seventh place in the World Cup in its debut. In '97 we change category passing to Endurance where our crew is the revelation of the year, with an absolute fourth place in the final classification, a ranking that in '98 sees us seventh but conquering 3 podiums, 1 victory, 1 pole and 1 lap faster. Since 2000, our commitments have multiplied with journalistic collaborations and driving schools: from a simple team, we become a real  "GROUP", starting from the Sports Association which takes the name of "Rock'N Road Racing", affiliated with AICS and CONI. and which over time has transformed into EVHOS ASD Over the years, our business has also spread to the organization of events, both competitive and not, always making use of the collaboration of famous people who have been our testimonials. In addition to Piero Pelù, names of the caliber of Massimo Numa, FPI Project, Elenoire Casalegno have alternated and for years we have been collaborating with the legendary Ringo DJ, who in addition to being our pilot, actively contributes to making our beloved sport more and more popular. with its over-the-air transmissions that always put the two wheels at the center of attention! From the  December 2013 also, ROCKNROAD RACING becomes part of the RNR RACING GROUP,  a group made up of various independent entities, aggregated in order to maximize the advantages between the collaborations of profeniossiti elements. In 2014 it becomes  official manager of the Tolmezzo "Tolmezzo Track", a facility that our organization has renewed and enhanced, creating  a real motor center suitable for every specialty. Tolmezzo Track "The Mountain CIrcuit", thanks also to its location, has become a reference point for every motorsport lover from three countries: Italy / Austria / Slovenia


At our birth, it was Piero Pelù with Litfiba who accompanied our team on all tracks

The beautiful soubrette Elenoire Casalegno was also testimonial of our team


The legendary Ringo did not just be a lively testimonial, but he was also a team driver!

From student to rider, Wiktoria Ziaja, MotoGP umbrella,  even on the podium with our team: model by profession, driver by passion!

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