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Our trusted "Diavolone" in 2020 was Italian Vice-Champion in the Naked class on his Ducati "Panigoster".

An indomitable veteran with a determination that does not seem to be affected by the passing of the years, he has always been the tip of our team, of which he is also DS. Several times National Champion, he was also an official Ducati rider in the Supermono World Cup, but he also collected excellent results in all categories. from the 600 to the Open, also passing through the Endurance. He has a large following of fans who appreciate his great passion and his way of living racing.


Street racing talent, he was Italian and European Champion in uphill racing. In the transition to supersport bikes, he was raised by our Barry who with his precious advice took him to the highest levels, to the point of having "risked" winning his debut on the Isle of Man, a victory that the Italian flag has been missing from the times of Agostini, and deprived only of the unfortunate malfunction of the electrical system when he was abundantly in the lead, then making up for a 4th place in the superior category. Waiting for the Manx 22, in 2021 he will race on loan to another team in various international road races.



A gift that we want to give to our supporters and all fans!
In some uphill races, we will have famous drivers or show business personalities who will be part of our team .. not only as guests, but even participating in the races by running or leading the way ... A real leitmotif that will not fail to be at the center of attention like all our initiatives ... 




Our trusted "Devil" in 2020 is the Italian Maxiscooter Champion, Hornet cup driver, for years protagonist of the Italia Naked Trophy, returns to try his hand at road racing, where he will support Barry Rivellini in all the uphill races of the 2021 season , with the exception of the Italian Cup, because on that date he planned another milestone, that is the marriage with the beautiful Cristina, his inevitable umbrella at every appointment. 


He is the embodiment of the road race spirit, a capable rider with the tenacity to achieve his goals at the cost of doing it tooth and nail. For years the protagonist of uphill races not only as a driver but also as a sidecar passenger, he has collected considerable satisfaction; noteworthy are his participations in the Tandragee 100, one of the classic Irish "King of Roads". Participations steeped in passion obtained by means of luck, but with the thrill of remembering his friend Dario Cecconi who passed away in that race. Impossible not to have him among us, we have always tried to support him and we always will! This year the limitations due to Covid-19 will limit his participation in races, where he will be riding the bike he builds at home, the V-Rok!

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The longest lived  Italian driver has raced for us since the end of 2014 and it is with our team that he made it in 2106  the fastest Italian record at the TT, one of the few non-commonwealth riders capable of going under the 18 'barrier while collecting a tricolor title in 2015 in addition to the tricolor, he won the European championship in 2016. 


From MotoGP umbrella to Rider! Our  Wiky is the type that leaves you breathless not only for her beauty but also for her incredible skills! Stubborn as few, when she sets a goal she reaches it by force! She was an excellent student of our courses on the track, and then became one of our racers who competed in 2013/14  also collecting two podiums!



When he humbly approached our driving school, he was already a full-fledged pilot,  After attending our personal courses he began an incredible evolution that led him to win the Italian Supertwins title with an incredible series of victories in sequence. He repeated himself with the SBK European Championship, also winning the big one, and he left us only to double the wheels, winning the FIA F4 European Championship for three years in a row.


He was team rider in 1999, also collecting a victory in the European Endurance race in Rijeka. Needless to say, such a Rock element, could only run for us, bringing the team considerable popularity in the ether,  thanks to the numerous interventions in which our team never fails to involve our team on the prestigious broadcasters in which it operates .. Our suits of the time were a design created by none other than ELENOIRE CASALEGNO.


FABIO SEGATO "CICCI" # 28  Pordenone 28/6/77-San Daniele 13/3/2021

Well-liked by all, UMB historical instructor, for years an irreplaceable component for our team in which he also covered the role of tester. He was first president of FreeRide, an association dedicated to the disabled, supporting in particular their autonomy of movement with dedicated driving courses and many targeted initiatives, later president of "our" EVHOS ASD with which he often continued his previous work. Disabled himself due to a very serious motorcycle injury suffered as a boy,  ran the Bridgestone DiDi trophy with our team for two seasons, collecting a remarkable series of podiums  concluding in both vintages in 3rd place in the 1000 Class. In the World Cup Didi conquered a prestigious 3rd place in the saddle of a motorbike remedied at the last minute ... 
Last March, while he was working in the usual road tests riding a Ducati, a 92-year-old motorist driving an SUV, turned left without respecting precedence, depriving everyone of the presence of a wonderful person who left an indelible mark. in our history and in our soul. 

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