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The basics of security in a day where you will be taught how to deal with  emergency situations and instructed to adequately overcome them,  deepening your knowledge of the vehicle and its management.

A simple didactic dynamic, within everyone's reach, which offers you a priceless result: your safety. In addition to the theoretical lesson, the practical driving exercises in the exercises on the apron, the track tests and exciting sessions on  skid car, thanks to our "Virtual Car Drive" simulator, you will understand the importance of driving training on city routes while having fun with 


For years, Rocknroad "Driving Coach" has been collaborating with the Rotary Club District 2060, offering young novice drivers particularly dedicated safe driving courses. Driving Coach driving courses are within everyone's reach and can be  programmed to measure. Private Courses, for associations, clubs, companies that can make use of our services not only for the primary end, that is, driving safety on everyday roads, but also to become a useful team-building tool. We also remind you that the current legislation on safety at work, in art. 37, 71 paragraph 7 and 73 of Legislative Decree 81/08, requires all workers to be trained and instructed on the risks concerning the task to be performed, both in the normal conditions of use of the means made available, and in the less foreseeable ones .
Price: starting from 250 € per person.

                                                              ASK THE MANAGER OF THE CAR COURSES INFO  IURI COLLINASSI

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