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Road Races: The Emotion Factory!

We are the coolest team in the entire Italian Road Races scene, a factory of pure emotions, with a unique pathos and an environment that has no equal! Street racing has a huge following, with loyal fans and a steady increase in media acclaim. The environment is full of excitement, with an audience always anxious for these pilots, the last true bulwarks of pure sport, the one full of tears and sweat, of sacrifices, of concreteness, a "rusticity" that little to do with the environments glossy and often too superficial of the other specialties

Precisely for this reason it has a large following of fans willing to do anything to follow and support their favorites, so much so that there are many forms of financial support for their idols .. In 2015 we were the first Italian team to put into practice a "crowd founding", where our fans, in exchange for their name on our fairings, contributed to the competitive expenses with donations that allowed us to run the Tourist Trophy, a true Gotha of road racing, the oldest motorcycle competition in the world .


Also for this  season our programs are ambitious!

With our pilots we will participate in a large series of national and international championships, with the intention of always being the protagonists.  Here they are in detail:  


- Naked Trophy

- Chrono Climber


- European Hill Climbing

- International Road Race Championship

- Manx TT (canceled)

- IOM TT  (canceled)

The cancellation of the TT and the Manx GP are a great disappointment for all fans, but "ROAD TO MANX 22", or the postponement of one year of the two most important events in the world, will allow us to present ourselves even more prepared and aggressive in the next season!

As always, our supporters will have a very high visibility thanks to our unfailing resources and appreciation from the media, in fact in addition to our social networks and the normal means of dissemination, we will have a permanent presence on:

- national television channel

- regional television channels

- national newspaper

- webmagazine

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